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In the Bubble
Should we be reacting to the results of the bubble the way we would a normal postseason? My thoughts on the unique challenges in evaluating bubble basketball, and the importance of maintaining perspective.
The Rising Suns and the Rising Star
Breaking down the two biggest surprises of the bubble: The biggest key to the Suns' future, and some thoughts on a breakout star.
The Midrange Debate
Zach LaVine's recent comments touched off another round of the debate over midrange shots. There's an important element missing from all of the discussion, though: context.
The Wide-Ranging Raptors
How did the Raptors pull off such a surprising championship run? Because, among other things, they were incredibly adaptable.
Possibility vs. Certainty
In my experience, NBA executives tend to fall into two different camps. It's a distinction that explains a lot about the moves made at this trade deadline.
How to Watch Basketball
Want to watch basketball like a coach or scout? Here's how I learned.
Introducing Predict
Think you know basketball? Here's your chance to prove it.
The Perfect Truth
On its surface, The Perfect Pass is a book about football strategy. But dig deeper, and it provides valuable lessons about basketball, coaching, and defeating conventional wisdom.
Eliminating the Limit
The NBA is thinking about getting rid of the 19-year-old age limit for the draft. Here's my proposal for how they can do so while mitigating the problems of the original preps-to-pros era.
The NBA's Balancing Act
Curing what ails the modern NBA — from tanking to superteams — requires changing the rules of the CBA. A proposal for what that would look like.