Friday Film: Reading the Defense, PNR Timing, Floppy

Watch Kyle Anderson anticipate the defensive rotations, the effectiveness of a slow pick-and-roll, and Denver's Floppy defense.

The Evolving NBA: Big-Big Pick-and-Rolls

Another battle site in the NBA's evolutionary arms race: big-big pick-and-rolls.

Friday Film: Clever Counter, Corner DHO, JaVale

Watch OKC's simple but clever counter to Boston's pick-and-roll defense, the Sixers generate a wide open three, and JaVale being JaVale.

Breaking Down the Bledsoe Deal

A deep-dive on the Eric Bledsoe trade: the strategic factors in play for both front offices, and an examination of Bledsoe's value as a player and fit in Milwaukee.

"You F*** Up Sometimes": Additional Thoughts

Some further thoughts following my article on Archie Goodwin and draft mistakes: discussing the importance of process, whether I was really wrong, and group dynamics.

Friday Film: Snake, Wedge, Getting Back

Watch a master demonstrate snaking the pick-and-roll, a clever variation of a common set, and an overeager rookie.

Is the Magic Real?

The Orlando Magic are 5-2, but how seriously should we take them? And what does answering that question tell us about early season results in general?

Friday Film: Hammer, Marc, Weak

San Antonio's (not so) surprising Hammer action, the craftiness of Marc Gasol, and "weaking" the middle pick-and-roll.

Ask Ben: Game-to-Game Strategy and Play-by-Play

Answering questions from subscribers: on game-to-game strategic coaching adjustments and play-by-play errors.

2017-18 Questions: Plus-Minus Machines

Part three of my questions for this coming season: will the plus-minus machines keep humming? On how to think about plus-minus metrics, and the players that will test our conclusions this year.

2017-18 Questions: Evolution of the Big Man

Part two of my questions for this coming season: how will the evolution of the big man continue? On New Orleans and San Antonio pushing their twin towers to the perimeter.

Anatomy of a Play: 10/17/17 BOS @ CLE

Breaking down a set the Cavaliers ran twice at the end of their opening night game against the Celtics.

2017-18 Questions: Only One Ball

Part one of my questions for this coming season: does it matter that there’s only one ball? On Oklahoma City and Houston's star acquisitions.


How to Get a Job in the NBA

It is the most frequent question I get asked: how can I get a job in the NBA? My advice, based on lessons from my story and experience working for teams.

"You F*** Up Sometimes"

Something to think about as scouting season gets underway: we all make mistakes in the draft. We shouldn't run from them, but learn from them.

Introducing Insider

Welcome to the next phase of Cleaning the Glass: Insider. What exactly is Insider? And why did I decide to go this route?

Cornered Market

Why don’t the Thunder sign big money free agents? Because the market isn’t what it seems. How max and rookie contracts distort the free agency market and alter the NBA landscape.

A Roll of the Dice, Part 3

If you’re not thinking about risk when you’re thinking about the draft, you’re missing something key. On Giannis, youth, and uncertainty vs. risk. The third and final part in this three part series about the draft.

A Roll of the Dice, Part 2

Scouting beats stats, but scouting plus stats beats anything else. What’s the right way to make front office decisions? There’s actually a science to it. The second in a three part series about the draft.

A Roll of the Dice, Part 1

On Bill Simmons' podcast, Malcolm Gladwell said that he doesn't believe there's "any great predictability" to the draft. Why he’s right - and why he’s wrong. The first in a three part series about the draft.

Making the Transition

The Cavs broke about every transition defense rule in the book in the Finals…and that might be reason for optimism. On transition defense in general, the Cavs' in particular, and what it tells us about what they do now.

LeBron Reads the Defense

A small demonstration of LeBron’s incredible basketball IQ: 30 seconds from Game 4.

Finals Notebook: Games 1 and 2

Three keys for Game 3, plus some subtle things you may have missed.

Working Out Workouts

Draft workouts can be a powerful evaluation tool - but they also are uniquely dangerous.

In the Arena

No coaches were fired this season. That shouldn’t be so notable, and yet it is. Why?

Flipping the Switch

Switching defenses are becoming more popular in the NBA and perhaps no team plays against them more than the Warriors. But Golden State has been able to attack switches in creative ways.

Size Matters

Houston has led the charge towards a new style of basketball, playing small and avoiding midrange shots - and the league has mostly followed suit. But one team is going the opposite direction. Who, how, and why?

The Worldwide Leader and the Cap Jump

How do the ESPN layoffs connect to the NBA’s changing financial landscape, and what might they mean for the future of the league?

On the Outside, Looking In

How do you watch the playoffs as a non-playoff team? A front office perspective. Plus some thoughts on playoff choking: I don’t know if some players choke in the playoffs, but I don’t think you do either.

The Best Adjustment

A break down of the Clippers vs. Jazz series through the first two games, with in-depth video examples and some general thoughts on playoff adjustments.

Why Are These Games Different from All Other Games?

A look at what distinguishes the playoffs from the regular season, using examples from the epic 2014 Portland-Houston series.

Do the Bucks Stop Here?

How the Bucks' defense reveals an underlying strategic tension in the game itself.

Welcome to Playoff Preparation

A short introduction to the upcoming period of playoff coverage on this site.