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The Perfect Truth
On its surface, The Perfect Pass is a book about football strategy. But dig deeper, and it provides valuable lessons about basketball, coaching, and defeating conventional wisdom.
Eliminating the Limit
The NBA is thinking about getting rid of the 19-year-old age limit for the draft. Here's my proposal for how they can do so while mitigating the problems of the original preps-to-pros era.
The NBA's Balancing Act
Curing what ails the modern NBA — from tanking to superteams — requires changing the rules of the CBA. A proposal for what that would look like.
Making Sense of the Cap
Why are the rules around NBA free agents and trades so complex? Understanding the what and why of all the terms thrown around this time of year.
The Michael Porter Mystery
Michael Porter Jr. played only 53 minutes in college. Evaluating Porter's draft prospects requires digging into his play at other levels, and grappling with the right way to think about prospects like him.
The Combine's Context
As NBA teams descend on Chicago for the Draft Combine, they’ll get a rare look at prospects. But as they gather information, it’s critical that they also recognize the limitations of what they learn.
The Whole is Greater than the Sum
Why Robin Lopez, Mike D'Antoni, and a game played on beaches should change the way we discuss fit — and sports in general.
Thank You
The subscriber response to Cleaning the Glass has been incredible — thank you for making this possible. Plus three site announcements.
Sloan's Evolution
What the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference is — and what it is not. On the evolution of a conference and an industry, and the tensions it's now experiencing.
Deadline Dynamics
What happens behind the scenes during the trade deadline? The story of a deadline deal that changed the trajectory of a franchise.