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Friday Film: In the Zone, Grand Theft, Shading the Inbounder
Watch the NBA's zone defenses, a different kind of steals, and the importance of the inbounder defender.
Friday Film: Swiping, Towns' Help, Don't Push Back
Watch the importance of the swipe, Karl-Anthony Towns' lack of help, and a counter to push defenses.
Friday Film: Switch Counter, Double Stack, Back to Back
Watch Toronto's counter to the Rockets' switchy lineup, the Knicks tinkering with sets, and the Wizards run the same play twice in a row with the game on the line.
Friday Film: Xs and Os Elegance
At first glance, Houston's 21 Nash set just looks like a simple middle pick-and-roll. But there are reasons why it's so effective — reasons that can teach us a lot about the modern NBA.
Friday Film: The Boban Show, Reading the Cut, Dennis Without Menace
Watch Boban as the center of a player vs. player chess match, smart cuts from the perimeter, and Dennis Smith's lack of fight on the interior.
Friday Film: Cavs' Elbow, Redick's Movement, Wrong Foot
Watch a Cavs/Celtics chess match, what JJ Redick creates with his constant movement, and James Harden's craftiness in isolations.
Friday Film: New Team New Scheme, Rejecting Screens, Inverted PNR
Watch the learning curve of joining a new team, a useful pick-and-roll tactic, and the pick-and-roll flipped on its head.
Friday Film: Guile not Speed, On a String, 5/4 PNR
Watch Steph Curry use guile, not speed, to create a layup, the importance of subtle off-ball movement, and Marc Gasol run a quick-hitting center/power forward pick-and-roll.
Friday Film: Pelicans Edition
Four plays from recent Pelicans games: watch the baby Bulls struggle to defend NOP's spread pick-and-roll, the Bulls recognize mismatches (or fail to), a twist on the back-screen pick-and-roll, and good off-ball cuts.
Friday Film: Free Board, Olynyk's Fakes, Stunting
Watch Steven Adams' unique free throw rebounding, Kelly Olynyk's deceptiveness, and the art of the stunt.