Rookie Review: Collin Sexton vs. Sacramento

Checking in on the rookie point guard's progress.

On Nov. 5, Collin Sexton played 16 minutes in a loss in Orlando. On Nov. 7, he entered the starting lineup and played 41 minutes. Sitting at 1-11, Cleveland had decided to fully embrace its youth movement, and front and center in that movement was Sexton, the primary fruits of the Kyrie Irving trade. Since that point, Sexton has certainly done his best to give Cavs fans hope: In 34 minutes per game, Sexton has averaged almost 19 points.

With De’Aaron Fox and the Kings coming to town, it seemed the perfect chance to check in on Sexton. Was this scoring output the sign of an emerging rookie, or simply the product of getting a lot of touches on a bad team?

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