Marvin Guardin'

Marvin Bagley can score, board, leap and run. But will his defense hold him back in the NBA? Contributor Steve Jones Jr. investigates.

At this time of year, teams are diving deep into their big remaining questions, doing as much work as they can (whether in personal workouts or detailed film study) to try to increase their confidence as much as possible in their draft evaluations. In that spirit, Cleaning the Glass will bring you one article a day until the draft, from myself or a contributor, focusing on a big question about a top prospect.

Today’s article comes from contributor Steve Jones Jr. Steve is a former assistant coach with the Brooklyn Nets and video coordinator with the Memphis Grizzlies. He played basketball at UNLV. You can find his breakdowns, video and lukewarm takes on Twitter @stevejones20.

Duke’s Marvin Bagley III is going to be a high selection in Thursday’s draft—perhaps as early as No. 2 to the Kings. But to justify that selection and to reach his true potential, he will have to make serious strides defensively.

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