Feature Film: Between the Legs, Drop vs. Pop, Big = Small

Watch the reason Damian Lillard's between-the-legs dribble is so effective, the strategic dilemma facing Milwaukee's defense, and yet another way bigs are playing like smalls.

Feature Film is a regular article where I highlight a few interesting pieces of film from recent games.

Between the Legs

I still remember the first time I dribbled the ball through my legs. I was very young and it was a big moment for me. That was a fancy way to dribble—almost a trick—and I had pulled it off.

But, however it seemed to my elementary-school self, dribbling between the legs is not a move made for the sake of being fancy. It’s very functional. It allows you to change the ball from one hand to the other without exposing it to the defender. And, as Damian Lillard’s between-the-legs dribble demonstrates, when it is done well, it might be the most effective crossover.

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