Ask Ben: Weak Hand and the D-League

Where I answer: (1) Many defenses try to force players to their weak hand, but how exactly do they determine this? (2) What is the philosophy behind D-League affiliates?

Ask Ben is a regular feature where I’ll answer questions from subscribers. Have a question for me? Ask it in Cleaning the Glass Discussion and I’ll either answer there or make it part of a larger article like this one.

Weak Hand

A very popular pick-and-roll coverage in the NBA is “Weak”: forcing the ball handler in the middle pick-and-roll to their weak hand. In a recent Friday Film I showed Pat Connaughton execute weaking in textbook fashion:

Toggle slow motion in the video using the “SLOW” button. Jump back in the clip using the button.

That leads to a natural question. XuanMaoChina writes:

You often mention “the weak hand” in the articles. I wonder what the complete definition of “the weak hand” is.

What’s the difference between going right and going left? Which hand is Harden’s weak hand? Can you tell me the main tendency for most players?

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